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All classes are a vigorous & soulful blend of Hatha + Vinyasa + Power Yoga. They are taught from a Holistic viewpoint, utilizing elements of Bhakti, Ayurveda, and various spiritual practices to connect mind-body-Spirit. Aim of each class is to guide students to the innermost self via dynamic sequencing. Attention is directed toward present moment awareness, consciousness of breath, and mindfulness of movement. Music is used throughout class to move students toward deeper states of awareness. Core influences/inspirations: the Five Mindfulness Trainings (as taught by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh), the Eight Limbs of Yoga (as outlined by Patanjali); the Five Great Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space); the Seven Chakras recognized by Chinese Medicine and Hatha Yoga; and the 5 Yamas (moral codes) and 5 Nimayas (self-disciplines) of Raja Yoga, which include non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, contentment, and self-study. 

YOGA FOR RECOVERY classes specifically open, balance, harmonize, and heal areas of the body where men and women in recovery from addiction store tension and emotions. Focus is on the throat (self-expression, lack of trust, confidence), shoulders (burdens, responsibility), heart (sorrow, grief, loss), pelvis (sexual issues, conditioning), hips (betrayal, abandonment, judgment), and core (fears, control, relationships).

I am currently teaching most of my classes at a rehabilitation center for addiction recovery in Malibu. Feel free to contact me directly about availability and opportunities to teach public and private sessions, workshops, retreats, and more. Please also sign up for my email newsletter to receive updates, schedule changes, and other news. 



Brian teaches 10 classes on this award-winning online yoga and meditation platform: 

Gentle Yoga

Chakra Meditation 

Mommy/Daddy & Baby Yoga

Guided Gratitude Meditation

Breath: Calm & Balance

Restorative Yoga

12-Step Yoga

Vinyasa Flow 

Yoga for Lower Back Pain

Breath: Energy & Transform

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Brian created the course


"Meditation for Everyone: Calm, Balance and Peace"


for anyone new to meditation, and others who are interested in taking their practice to a deeper level.


Course includes 3 hours of content with 3 instructional videos/lectures, 6 guided meditations, 12 supplemental resources, 2 bonus videos, and more.


Use code BRIAN or this link for a special discount. 

Brian has created 10-day courses, guided meditations, and special Daily Insight meditations for this free app & website.

Click the links below and/or download the free app for your phone and other mobile devices through Google Play or the App Store.

10-Day Courses

Cultivating a Heart of Gratitude

Yogic Principles for Transformation

Essential Yoga Philosophy (Coming Soon)

30-Day Courses

Recovery: Principles for a Purposeful Life

Free Guided Meditations

10-Minute Morning Practice


Quieting the Mind to Explore our Identity


Journey To Stillness


Shaping Our Destiny


5-Minute Morning Meditation

Finding Our Purpose in Life

Gratitude for the Body & Senses

Letting Go: Meditation on Breath

Rain & Wind Chimes: Embrace Emotions

Meditation with the Ocean




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