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"Thank you so much for your beautiful teachings today! Loved your class. You speak from the heart and soul." - Erica W.

"You are an inspired and an inspiring yogi!" - Nate B.

"Each class truly is a magical journey; a courageous adventure  and its the teacher that makes or breaks that experience. You truly have a gift of leading and inspiring others by example :)" -  Heidi J.


"It's a pleasure to take yoga with u :) I love your classes." -  Osvaldo G.


"Thanks Brian!! You're the best!" - Beth S.


"So inspiring :)" - Leah H.


"Brian, I want to let you know how much I appreciate you! Thank you for everything you put into your classes. You are a gifted and inspiring teacher! Judging by the number of people who come to your classes, I am not the only one who feels this way!" -”– Peter H.


"Brian, thank you for sending the newsletter. I watched your videos and checked out your website. Your story is moving. Thanks for sharing it. Thank you for your classes. They are helping me.”" - Cherie B.


"Thank you, God bless you!!!”" - Julia P.


"You ROCK brotha!" - Raymond Y.


"Loved this morning's class! Thank you for guiding us back :)" - Veronica M.

"Thanks for the class and the chat yesterday. ;) I love that you let Yoga do you, instead of you doing Yoga." - Nicole D.

"Awesome!" - Maia P.

"Thank you for a wonderful class yesterday. Today is literally the first day in weeks I have not had anxious/obsessive energy. I feel a sense of surrender and a good soreness today. Looking forward to future classes." - Mark L.


"I was moved by your message last night, about living authentically and speaking the truth. I hope you know what a substantial person you are, and how your contribution affects so many of us. You have (and are) a wonderful gift." - Sandra S.


"Healing the world one class @ a time ;-)" - Elena D.


"Awesome Brother!!! You go! Keep Shining Your Light and allowing others to see the Light within!" - Gabriel B.


"Thank you for doing and being everything that you are. I am inspired by your motivation, your positive approach, your compassion, your way of teaching and for making each class unique. I love what you do. I really admire it and every time I leave with a smile, no matter what's going on in my life." - Desislava B.


"Keep shining brother!" - Kevin R.


"Thanks for the beautiful class, my friend!" - Arielle S.


"Beautiful! I'm really inspired by your revolution/revolution/fearlessness/divine spirit. Keep on keepin on, my brother. aum namah shivaya." - Erica W.


"Keep on walking your beautiful and courageous path Brother!" - Gabriel B.


"Thanks for yet another amazing yoga experience yesterday. You rock, Bry!;) xoxo" - Katrina H.


"WOW!! I sense your focused intention and energy. I am inspired and encouraged. Thank you for sharing." - Leah


"LOVE your website! the magic carpet.... my favorite!" - Elena D.


"I want to take a yoga class from you soon!" - Angie H.


"My favorite yogi in Los Angeles!!!! you are an amazing gift to this crazy city. Love you!" - Kat H.


"Hi Brian, nice to meet you. You are a fantastic teacher. Thanks for class...Your class is special and stands out for sure. Thanks so much for what you give." - Lisa Marie P. 


"Thank you Brian! Loved your class! Blessings :)" - Calle M.


"hey brian! just saw that you're a teacher now ... congrats on becoming an instructor!! i knew you would be, from the first time i met you. namaste :o)" - Marissa Q.


"Thank you for class today. It felt so great!" - Lupe C.


"Thank you Brian, for your focus and inspirational presence when teaching. I sincerely appreciate your style of being with us and teaching us more than just 'the poses'! You really are wonderful!" - Kimmie R.


"Love your class!" - Jenny R.


"I really enjoyed your class." - Achara K.


"Hey brother, I had an awesome experience at the class!" - Jeb S.


"aum love to you. your class was very healing, a peaceful groove. sharing your energy is a blessing to all. shanti" - Erica W.


"I feel so good after this amazing yoga class and mindful walk and conversation. Thank you. You're fun :)" - Denise B.


"Brian. Thank you for Yoga today." - Leon P.


"I enjoyed our conversation and learning about your work with yoga. The most impressive thing to me is that you have such a good heart." -Dennis S.


"I've practiced yoga for about four years off and on & I'm not sure what it is about your class but I really enjoy it. You really are one of the better instructors I've had. I really just wanted to thank you." - Jerry G.


"You're definitely my favorite instructor." - Spankie V.


"Thank you for another exceptional class last night." - Sandra M.


"Been missing your class...but will be back soon!" - Suzy Y.


"I absolutely LOVED the way you guided the class and would love to continue my practice with you." - Veronica M.


"I just wanted to say amazing video. I highly admire everything that you are doing. Just by the way you are teaching and the way you are talking about yoga, I can see how passionate you are for it. I love your audio classes as well." - Dessi B.


"Just wanted to tell you - I've used your "on the go" classes quite a few times now, as traveling has prevented class attendance, and they rock!! Looking forward to more! Bless you." - Heidi C.


"I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed today's class." - Tobie L.


"Thank you for the amazing class today!  It was the perfect way to combat jetlag." - Rachel T.
"Thank you very much for your class today. You are an incredible teacher on multiple levels.  A friend and I were discussing our appreciation for your motivational lessons and mindful statements throughout the class. Keep up the great work, you are very much appreciated!" - Janelle R. 


"I always feel so grounded leaving your class.  You're an excellent teacher.....thank you so much!  Looking forward to taking more classes with you." - Lisa P.


"Thank you for today's class, it was great. You have a really nice style that blends traditional yoga with real life." - Rachel T.


"I went to your class for the first time... the weirdest thing is you said what I was thinking and looking for... I love it.. :)" -  Yesenia G.


"I hope I can enjoy your class again soon; it's incredible." - Heidi H.


"Brian, thank you for inspiring me every week with your insight and practice. I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon your class." - Sandra S. 


"Thank you Brian! I really enjoy your class on Fridays, it has become a very important part of the week for me." - Andres T.


"I really enjoy the way you guide us through meditation and movement." - Matt H.


"You are awesome and each and every one who gets to take your class is blessed!!!" - Antonia


"Thank you Brian! You are a gracious and wonderful teacher :-) " - Calle M.


"You really have a gift as a teacher and healer. Thank you for the service you do!"  - Sara S.


"You're a great teacher!" - Elana B.


"Thank you for all your light and guidance." - Tracy & Dana


"I just wanted to, again, thank you for your classes. The depth of the practice is not lost on me (or my hips!), and I'm ever so grateful that you're sharing your stillness-in-motion with those of us who truly cherish it. Your energy and focus are truly formidable. Thank you." - Carly P.


"Thank you. I have never meditated before - and I am OLD! I have always wanted to, but didn't know how. [Your guided meditation] was a well-timed gift from you to me." - EJK


"Thanks, as always, for great classes!" - Jessica A.


"You're one of the best yoga teachers in L.A." - Sandra M.


"I noticed my seated pose has improved and I'm able to touch my toes. Much obliged to you for the help!" - Matt B.


"I love your classes. You are amazing! Thank you!" - Helen B.


"The more people who experience your classes, the better off our community will be. You're opening hearts and minds with every hour that you dedicate to your students, who then walk back out into the world with a shift in perspective, contagious to those around them." - Sandra S.


"Thank you for inviting me to your class.  I enjoyed it very much." - Janet W.


"I just had to tell you that my core is on fire from Monday's noon class! To be honest, everything feels sore :) Great class!" - Tobie L. 


"I have missed class more than you can imagine looking forward to your class and your warmth and wisdom." - Antonia


"First, let me complement you on what a fantastic class you lead. I'm very critical of new leaders but I decided to trust you right away and I was correct to do so. Your confidence communicates without you saying a word. That's the most my breath has ever been synced with my movements which I've been working on and I had to hold back my giggles. Thank you :)" - Pati L. 


"It was so nice to meet you in person Brian!  Thanks for taking the time to come in and teach, I really enjoyed your class!" -  Eileen C. 


"Your class was my first class in 4 yrs. Near the end of class, you had us hug our knees in as though we were hugging the one we love(d) most. I hugged my Mother, and though it made me cry, you got me back on the path to healing thru yoga. Thank you." - Tracy S.


"See you next week.  I had been in quite a rut, and your class helped bring me back to life and give me the energy I need to take action in finding work that will support me!  See you soon, and thank you!" - Molly D.


"Thanks Brian. See you next week. Your class rocks!" - James S.


"You can bet next time I'm in town I'll be hitting your yoga meeting! Keep up the good work, it's appreciated more than you know." - John M.


"Thank you so much! I so appreciate your teachings." - Alice F.


"Class was so awesome today. My absolute favorite yet. Loved the music choices." - Toni P.


"Your class was wonderful as usual today, thanks for all the insightful spoken thoughts throughout the class." - Janelle R.


"Thanks for including me on your email list. Great breathing videos! " - Julia C.


"Thank you for today, it was a true joy!" - Liz E.


"Wow. I just listened to your guided meditation. Great job! I've been practicing and teaching guided meditations for 16 years. Your meditation was perfect. Not just the relaxation, but it reminded me of who I am. When we got to smile at our hands, it made me cry. Happy, thankful tears. My hands are how I've made a living touching thousands of people. I'm looking forward to listening to more of your talks. Thank you! Namaste. Sat Nam." - Stefanie G.


"Hey Brian - Love your site! Love it!! I wanna whip out my mat just reading this!" - Tracy C.


"Just read your about page on your yoga site ~ very cool." - Danielle F.


"Thanks for beautiful yoga." - Lindsey M.


"I miss you and your classes!! I've been working in the desert for a month and cant wait to get back into the flow of your yoga. Hopefully Ill be back next week." - Rachel T.


"Thanks so much for your class this morning. Such a blessing to have experienced it! You are indeed a miracle worker." - Maryella S.

"I approve this yogi! Brian, I am a fan of your voice and energy." - Jon O.


"I'd like to thank you for the sublime yoga experience we had not only @ Equinox today, but for the past year! I've been incredibly improving (I think) and the desire to practice has been growing!" - Tony S.


"Thanks so much for your classes, my dear Brian." - Nia B.

“I just took my very first Hot Yoga class with the AMAZING Brian Hyman. What a great, enlightening, beautiful flow with beautiful, thoughtful words that kept the class challenging, yet insightful. Music was EPIC.” – Michelle C. (yoga teacher)


“Thanks for class today, so much love.” – Jessica A. (yoga teacher)

“I watched two of your YouTube videos, ‘mama mana mandire’ and ‘om mani padme hum.’ Both were great and moving, thank you again for sharing. I also really enjoy your class. You have a certain energy that I'm very drawn to so I enjoy your class a lot.” – Chelsey S. (yoga teacher)

“Thanks for a wonderful class today! I really enjoy your teaching style. Have a beautiful day!” – Christine S. 


“Thanks for sharing your wisdom and taking us to our sweet edges today! You have a plethora of spiritual knowledge. Really enjoyed it.” – Lisa C. (yoga teacher)


“It was a treat to be in your class. You have such a huge heart.” – Jill K. (yoga teacher)


“Always an amazing journey being in your class!” – Gary S.


“Thank you for an outstanding class!! You’re awesome!” – Julie K. (yoga teacher)


“Great class! Thanks, Brian, for guiding us through this practice. I like your holistic approach!” – Frederik B.


"Yoga with Brian H. is an incredibly vital part of my program and adds an experiential component which allows me physical as well as spiritual recovery." - David R. (44 days sober) 


“Brian Hyman's Yoga has been the foundation of my recovery. I am almost at a year of sobriety. During those rough months of wanting to use, the thing that kept me sober is knowing that I had my magical Recovery Yoga meeting next Tuesday. I might have been shaking, crying, screaming, pacing, and obsessing before yoga. But after, all I can think of or feel is peace, serenity, and wonder of life. Recovery Yoga ROCKS!’ – Brianna O.

“Brian's yoga sessions have such a unique way of calming the clutter of your mind and paralleling yoga poses with a guided meditation. I feel at peace and centered after each class. It has become an integral component in my sobriety!” - Jyll K.

"Brian took me on a physical and spiritual journey in our yoga sessions. In our recovery specific session he explains how the steps of recovery are physically embodied in each yoga pose we did. I walked away feeling so centered and more connected to my Higher Power - thanks Brian!" - Anthony R.

“After being sober for six months, I started to experience a bit of a depression and couldn’t get outside of my head. When I went to Brian’s yoga class, he taught me how to breathe and to be present at the moment, which allows me to experience life in the moment and appreciate the good things it has to offer. I found his patience, non-judgment, and technique invaluable whether you’re a beginner (like me) or advanced (a friend of mine, who attended his class with me). Thank you Brian for being a gifted instructor who also puts a person in touch with the spiritual side of life, along with allowing their body to be in sync with their mind.” - Mark L.

"Brian's teachings recover and restore us to our higher powers and supercharge our programs in subtle and manifold ways. Grateful." - Hans L.

"Recovery Yoga has added another level of serenity to my sobriety. I was a believer from day one. It creates an energy that is indescribable, and I will continue to make it a regular practice in my new and sober life!!!” – Matt S.

“I love Recovery Yoga. Brian is a great instructor and allows a safe environment for gaining a deeper perspective on my mind, body, and soul. Such a great class!” – Pia

“Brian's yoga class is great. His breath and movement work is perfect for helping me to be in the moment and clear away any negativity. I really love the way he incorporates the principles of the 12 Steps with the movements for sun salutation.” – Ayanna D.

“Recovery Yoga has been one of the great discoveries and pleasures of my program life. Not only do I look forward to it, but I always walk away feeling better than when I arrived. The way Brian seamlessly combines the Steps with traditional yoga poses has not only helped me to appreciate both in a new way, but also to understand that it is possible to integrate the principles of the program into other areas of my life - and that they can, in fact, complement each other. His unique approach and guidance turn each class into a physical, emotional, and spiritual 12-Step meeting that I haven't experienced anywhere else.” – Monica M.

“What an exhilarating feeling to stretch your mind and body simultaneously. Brian's yoga class encourages and develops this practice. I always leave class feeling spiritually and physically uplifted.” - Beverly S.

“Brian’s class and leadership is very special to me and is always something I recommend in meetings or to people looking to supplement their program. I truly believe that yoga has been a strong component of my recovery. When I found Brian's yoga class, I fell in love with it immediately. The way he weaved spirituality throughout the different postures took my spirit to another level. I felt more connected to my higher power than ever. The sharing after practice is also intimate and special in a way different to most meetings. We've all just moved through 45 minutes of our recovery together, physically and spiritually. It brings people together and allows us to open up in a way that is very honest and sincere. Its hard to put into words what it is about yoga that makes it such a great supplement to any recovery program but I would recommend it to absolutely anyone.” – Carolina P.

“You are a great motivator and I like being in your have a gift.” – Eileen K. 

“I'm very resistant to yoga and yours is the only class I've been able to enjoy.” – Molly D.

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